Fawran allows you to make quick payments to individuals in Qatar by simply using a Qatari Mobile Number or Alias Name. It is a secure and fast payment method to send or receive funds within Qatar.

Firstly, you need to register for the service by following the below steps. 


  • Login to QNB Mobile or Internet Banking

  • Select Fawran under the funds transfer menu (under “Transfer/Fawran”) and click on “Register Now”

  • Select the QNB account to be linked to Fawran, select the Alias Type from the dropdown (Mobile Number or Alias Name). If the Alias Type is a Mobile Number the registered Qatari mobile number will be pre-populated and if the alias type is Alias Name, you need to add an alpha numeric Alias Name.  

Once you are registered to the service you can make payments instantly to other individuals registered to Fawran


  • Select Fawran service under the funds transfer menu (under “Transfer/Fawran”)

  • Select the Alias Type from the dropdown

  • Enter the receivers Alias Name or Qatar Mobile Number

  • Enter the Amount you wish to pay and proceed

The service charge will be as follows:

Transfer amount of up to QAR 1,000 – QAR 0.50 per transaction
Transfer amount above QAR 1,000 – QAR 2 per transaction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fawran?

Fawran is the latest service introduced by QNB to make real-time payments within Qatar. Both, the Sender and Receiver must be registered to the service through any bank in Qatar.

How does Fawran work?

You can use the receivers Qatar Mobile Number or Alias Name instead of using the full bank details to instantly transfer funds within Qatar.

Do I need to visit a QNB branch to complete the registration?

No, you don’t need to visit a branch. It will be done digitally through QNB Mobile Banking App or Internet Banking.

Can I register my mobile number to Fawran in more than one bank?

Registration to Fawran is subject to your mobile number, which means you will not be able to register with the same mobile number to Fawran through another bank.

How long does it take to complete my registration?

The registration is done immediately.

How can I make payments through Fawran?

You can make local transfers to anyone in Qatar by simply entering the recipient’s mobile number or alias name and the amount. The receiver will get his/her funds immediately. The receiver must be registered to the Fawran service.

Can I transfer funds to non-QNB customers?

Yes, with Fawran service, you can transfer to anyone within Qatar who is registered to the Fawran service. 

Can I make international transfers?

Fawran currently supports domestic payments within Qatar.

Is there any charge for the service?

The service charge per transaction will be QAR 0.50 for transaction amounts of up to QAR 1,000 while the service charge for transaction amounts above QAR 1,000 will be QAR 2. 

Can I cancel a transaction made?

Once a confirmation is provided the payment cannot be reversed or reclaimed.

How can I de-register from the Fawran service?

You can do it yourself by login in to QNB Mobile or Internet Banking and using the de-register option available under the Fawran service (under “Transfer/Fawran/Deregister”menu).

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