Fund Selection Process

A thorough and comprehensive process built around multi-level due diligence

Fund Selection Process

QNB adds value to clients’ fund selection. Funds go through an a comlplete internal ‘due diligence’ process before being presented to prospective investors: ( a complete to replace exhaustive)

  • Funds are selected from the best in category platform: All Funds Bank.
  •  An additional screening process is performed by our Asset Management Division.
  •  The funds are then evaluated on a monthly basis to ensure performance meets QNB criteria.
  • QNB shortlisted funds are all highly liquid.

Selection Process and Monitoring

Compulsory Criteria

  • Arabic fact sheet on a monthly basis issued by fund manager.
  • Managers must be listed in global platform - All Funds, www.allfundsbank.com 
  • UCITS structure
  • No load

Key criteria for fund selection (8 out of 11 are required)

  •  Asset management company must have at least $50bn in assets under management
  •  Assets under management must be over $100 million for the target fund
  •  Funds must have a minimum of a 36-month track record
  •  Team managing the funds must have at least 36 months of stability
  •  3-year returns higher than benchmark
  •  3-year volatility lower than benchmark
  •  3-year positive Jensen Alpha
  •  3-year Information Ration higher than 0.30
  •  3-year Sharpe Ratio higher than 0.6 (Equities) and higher than 0.1 (Fixed Income)
  •  Positive Traynor ratio
  • At least 3 stars granted by Morningstar
3rd Party International Funds

Fund Prospectus and Monthly Reports for 3rd Party International Funds.

3rd Party International Reports

AWM Model Portfolios Reports

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