We are continuously working to enhance our customer service standards related to financial transactions between Qatar’s ministries and our clients.

To achieve that, we facilitate the automatic payment of travel visa fees at Hamad International Airport on behalf of the Ministry of Interior. We have also introduced an e-card facility to enable fast, convenient transactions on behalf of the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs. These are just a few of the examples showing how QNB works with Qatar’s various ministries to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

We also provide strategic financial advice, enabling Qatar to prosper, maximize its potential and embrace new opportunities.


We provide financial services to semi-governmental organizations and corporations based on a long-term relationship and a unique understanding of the evolving needs of these institutions.

As the leading financial organization supporting semi-government entities in Qatar, we provide fast, user-friendly and technologically advanced solutions aimed at simplifying financial transaction processes for the citizens and residents Qatar.

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