Integrated Payment Solutions for Hotels

Give your guest a wonderful stay

In this age of electronic payments, hotels can benefit from cost-effective and cutting-edge integrated payment card processing solutions with QNB. The solution powers your property management system with secure PCI DSS card processing capabilities for accepting and processing your guests’ card payments with ease.

The solution accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Unionpay, and JCB cards for payments at hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets, making your business simple and convenient for your guest.

Powerful functionality includes

  • Faster check-in and check-out
  • Simplified back office reconciliation
  • Improved management efficiency
  • Fewer manual errors with automated processes
  • Quicker transaction processing
  • New revenue source on foreign card transactions with DCC transaction offerings to your guest.

How to Apply:

Open a QNB bank account

Complete the Merchant Agreement form and provide the following documents:

  • Valid Commercial Registration copy
  • Valid ID copy of the authorized signatory
  • Valid Commercial Certificate copy (municipality)
  • Copy of company establishment IDs

Contact the QNB Merchant Acquiring Team via email merchant.acquiring@qnb.com or the QNB Call Centre @ 44407777.


We have a 24x7, in-house, dedicated, Merchant Call Centre team for you to log your QNB POS terminal issues, queries, etc. that require support. Please contact us at 44407777

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