Mobile Banking

It’s like a branch in the palm of your hand.

Looking for greater flexibility and convenience? Try our QNB Mobile Banking platform on your smartphone, tablet or in the tablet kiosks in QNB branch network.

With QNB Mobile Banking, you can manage your Life Rewards account, check your balances, make payments or transfers, and apply for loans or credit cards – wherever you are.
Mobile Banking is entirely free of charge and available in Arabic, English and French.

Who’s eligible for QNB Mobile Banking?

You are. All customers with an active QNB debit or credit card can register for QNB Mobile Banking. Simply use the same username and password that you use for QNB Internet Banking. New customers can register easily via the App (under ‘QNB Login/Register Now’).
  • Make Global Account Transfers (now you can view and instantly transfer within your own international QNB accounts regardless which country you logged in)
  • Cash@Speed (you can now take instant cash advance)
  • Branch Appointment Booking (you can now take a ticket or book a future appointment for QNB Branches)
  • Redeem Life Rewards points for Qatar Airways Qmiles
  • Make Direct Transfers to India
  • Secure your login with Biometric Authentication
  • Send Mobile Cash to any Ooredoo or Vodafone user
  • Track your Mobile Cash transactions
  • Find the closest ATM, branch or Life Rewards partners using your camera ‘eye’ icon
  • Pay and track your Qatar Cool, Kahramaa, Ooredoo and Vodafone bills and payments
  • Track Qatar Cool, Kahramaa, Ooredoo and Vodafone payments
  • Secure your high-value payments with an SMS PIN
  • Apply for a range of QNB products more conveniently
  • Use 3D touch support on iPhone 6s or higher for more features
  • QNB Global Accounts view, and transaction history details
  • Register and subscribe for IPO
For Terms and Conditions, please  click here

Mobile Banking Latest Features

We’re adding innovative new features all the time…

Now you can:

  • ATM QR code access (you can access a QNB ATM without using your debit or credit card. Select ATM QR from the footer menu, then scan the QR code displayed under the QNB ATM Cardless/QR Code Scan menu)
  • QNB announcements (you can see important announcements from QNB after login)
  • Fund Transfer enhancements (transfers up to 5000 QAR can be made without SMS PIN, and additional guiding notes added to provide a safer experience)
  • My Messages (you can receive messages from QNB which can be viewed under Info/My Messages menu) 
  • Use biometric authentication on Android devices as well
  • Copy and Paste account numbers and names during beneficiary creation
  •  For easy payment tracking, the beneficiary name is now included into the transfer notification messages (SMS-es)
  •  MPay (once you register for MPay under Transfers/MPay menu, you can select a default account which will be associated with your mobile number, then you can transfer to any mobile number or alias who registered for the service at any Qatari Bank)
  • IPO (now you can register yourself and your family members then subscribe for Initial Public Offering under Accounts/IPO menu)
  • Creating QNB beneficiaries by QR code (now you can generate and share your QNB account details through a secure QR code from Accounts/My IBAN/Show My QR menu, then the payer can capture the QR code and add you as a beneficiary under Transfers/Beneficiaries//New/Add QR menu

How to download the app and register

How to download the app and register for QNB Mobile Banking

Open the App Store and search for “QNB” or “QNB Mobile
Download the iPhone version here
Download the iPad version here
Android devices and Tablets:
Open Google Play and search for “QNB” or “QNB Mobile”
Download the Android smartphone version here
Download the Android tablet version here


  1. Select ‘QNB Login’, select ‘Register Now’ and input card details.
  2. Choose a unique username/password and create a security hint question/answer.
  3. Approve Terms and Conditions and click ‘Submit’.

Main Menu services


  • Manage your Global accounts across QNB’s international network
  • Request a chequebook
  • View your IBAN
  • Apply for products
  • Register and subscribe for IPO


  • Make card payments
  • De-activate a card
  • View your cards statements and transactions history


  • View loan details


  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Make local and international transfers
  • Make Western Union payments
  • Send Mobile Cash to any Ooredoo or Vodafone users in Qatar
  • Create and modify fund transfer and Western Union beneficiaries
  • Track transfer status
  • With MPay you can transfer to any mobile number or alias who registered for the service in Qatar


  • Pay utility bills for Kahramaa, Ooredoo, Qatar Cool, Vodafone from accounts, cards or Life Rewards points
  • Top up prepaid services for Ooredoo and Vodafone from accounts, cards or Life Rewards points
  • Track your payments

Life Rewards:



  • Check foreign exchange and interest rates
  • Manage push notifications under ‘My Messages’
  • See the number of waiting customers in QNB Branches and book an appointment

QNB Chat:

  • Chat online with our Customer Care team


  • Register your mobile device
  • Change your password, hint question or username
  • Connect with QNB through ‘Contact Us’
  • Read QNB Mobile Banking’s Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy
  • Rate the app in App Store or Google Play
  • Enable or disable the Push Notifications and Biometric Authentication

Services available without login

  • Set language and default country under ‘General Settings’
  • Register for QNB Mobile Banking and Internet Banking
  • Retreive forgotten username or password
  • Locator for ATMs, branches and Life Rewards partners
  • Instant credit card and loan applications
  • View latest news and promotions from QNB
  • Online appointment booking

Payment Limits

Transaction Type

Maximum number of

transactions per day

Maximum amount of

transactions (QAR) per day

Fund transfer between own accounts



Fund transfer to another bank



Western Union



Mobile Cash via QNB Mobile Banking



Ooredoo bill payment



Ooredoo Hala Top-up



Vodafone top-up



Vodafone bill payment



Kahramaa bill payment



Qatar Cool bill payment



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the app language?
Yes. English, Arabic and French are available. Go to ‘General Settings’.
Can I change my login country?
You can view your QNB accounts in other countries via ‘Global Account Access’. But if you wish to change your default country go to ‘General Settings’.
How do I logout?
Please use the ‘Logout’ button in the App navigation. But, for your own safety, you will be automatically logged out if the app remains idle for three minutes.
How do I go back to the previous screen?
Swipe left to right (smartphones) or use the ‘Back’ button (tablets).
How do I close an information pop-up?
Simply click outside the pop-up box or click ‘OK’.
What if I can’t see the whole content on my screen?
On smaller screens, you can scroll menus and forms etc. to view the entire contents.

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