Ownership Regulatory Requirements

QCB Decision n° 1/2016 regarding the ownership limits and restrictions on the listed companies requires certain measures to control and monitor any ownership exceeding (5%) of the financial institutions shares. The decision is applicable to all companies, except Qatar Investment Authority, Qatar Holding and the General Retirement and Social Insurance Authority.

Thus, in line with the above decision, which sets procedures to be adopted to reduce the excess in the ownership limit; together with any ownership excess with respect to QNB Articles of Associations provisions, companies and individuals exceeding the above mentioned ownership limits should fill in the below forms (depending on the situation) and submit them electronically to ( investor@qnb.com) along with the supporting documents:

1. The ownership exceed (5%) of QNB shares. ( Form 1 )

2. Indirect ownership in QNB shares. ( Form 2 )

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