Investment Account Management Services

We have a skillful team of investment accounts managers with extensive investment, Expertise and understanding

The benefits and features of QNB Investment Account Management Services are:
  • A professional manager.
  • Access to various asset classes i.e. equities, commodities and fixed income.
  • Exposure to Qatar, GCC and other emerging markets.
  • Set up of discretionary portfolio, combination of both fixed income and equities.
Tracking your returns on risk adjusted parameters to reduce volatility of the portfolio
Discretionary Mandate is an investment option, where both local and international investors prefer to assign the management of their portfolios to the full discretion of QNB’s Asset Management Division and under certain investment guidelines.
QNB Asset & Wealth Management department can offer portfolios and products that can be tailor made for a specific geography, or structured, to “for example” guarantee the value for your capital while still allowing investors to participate in the potential growth of the underlying asset.
The QNB Asset & Wealth Management department is at your disposal should you wish to give us further insight into your objectives and goals or should you wish to discuss in further detail, either individually or as part of a portfolio. Please contact us to begin a beneficial discussion.

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