Digital Onboarding

Offering you a complete branchless experience. As a new customer, you can open a QNB Current or Savings Account within minutes by following a few simple steps. What’s more, you can activate your Virtual Debit Card through the app and begin using your account instantly. Simply download QNB Mobile Banking application and select “Open New Account” on the home screen to get started. 

Features and Benefits

  • You can create your QNB account from your mobile within a few minutes and start using it
  • You don’t need to visit a branch 

How to create your QNB account 


To open your QNB account through QNB Mobile Banking, you will need to have met with the following conditions: 

  • Be over the age of 18 
  • Qatari citizen or resident 
  • Have a postpaid Qatari mobile number

Required Documents 

You will require the following documents on hand in order to open your QNB account through QNB Mobile Banking app: 

  • A valid QID or Passport (for expats only) 
  • Proof of address (National address via Metrash2)
  • Proof of income 
  • Tax residency details

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