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Democratic control of the Senate likely to lead to stronger fiscal stimulus

Democratic victories in both special elections in Georgia on the 5th of January have gifted US President-elect Joe Biden control...

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Japan and Sweden – a different approach in dealing with Covid-19

As we enter 2021, the rapid development of several effective vaccines against Covid-19 are offering the promise of a durable...

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Brexit deal brings some good news at the end of a tough year

After dragging on for years the Brexit odyssey reached a conclusion on Christmas Eve. The United Kingdom (UK) and European...

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Covid-19 remains a threat for the economic recovery in both the US and Europe

This year was one of the most dramatic on record when it comes to global economic conditions. As the Covid-19...

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Covid-19 vaccines are key for a strong global recovery in 2021

The global economy is in the middle of what could be one of the most dramatic economic recoveries in decades....

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