State of the Art Contactless POS Terminals

The convenient and modern way to do business

With QNB’s latest Point of Sale (POS) terminal offering, you can accept card payments from Visa, MasterCard, NAPS, American Express, JCB and Unionpay cardholders with ease and confidence. Try it and watch your business grow!

Customers can make purchases using Tap and Pay, EMV Chip and PIN, and magnetic swipe with the latest payment security standards in the market.

What’s more, our wide range of POS solutions – wireless POS, landline POS, Bluetooth POS, IP and integrated POS terminals – can be customized to cater to your exact business requirements.


  • Fast approval times, with card payments approved in just 3 seconds
  • Highly secure terminal and payment solutions protecting your customer’s card data and payment activity with QNB PCI certified POS
  • Easy card payments with Tap and Pay. Customers can simply tap their NFC card or mobile device at QNB POS terminals
  • Reliable wireless connectivity – with QNB wireless POS terminals supporting 3G connectivity, you can accept payments anywhere in Qatar with confidence that your transactions will be approved
  • Robust and superior POS terminals, which means minimal POS breakdowns
  • You can offer the convenience of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and earn more revenue

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) enables merchants to offer overseas cardholders the choice of paying for their purchases either in Qatari Riyals or in their local billing currency, right at the Point of Sale itself. We accept more than 25 international currencies.

Benefits of DCC for your business

  • Improved partnerships - The DCC platform is ideal for businesses in the travel and leisure industry (hotels, car rentals, duty free and large departmental stores)
  • Reduced MDR - DCC allows merchants to earn additional revenue to reduce the cost of credit card payment acceptance
  • New Revenue Stream - The DCC platform enables merchants to earn a new stream of revenue from the conversion of every single foreign card transaction
  • Improved Customer Service – The customer knows exactly how much they are paying in a currency that is familiar to them
  • Local Currency Settlements - Payments are made to your nominated account in your local currency
  • No Surprises – The amount your customer signs for is the exact amount they will be billed in their credit card statement
  • Instant Knowledge – The customer knows how much they are paying upfront. This comfort level enables trust and leads to additional purchases at your outlet
  • No Additional Charges – No extra bank charges are applied on currency conversions
  • Better FX rates – Generally, better FX rates than credit card companies will be applied

How to Apply:

Open a QNB bank account

Complete the Merchant Agreement form and provide the following documents:

  • Valid Commercial Registration copy
  • Valid ID copy of the authorized signatory
  • Valid Commercial Certificate copy (municipality)
  • Copy of Company Establishment IDs

Contact the QNB Merchant Acquiring Team via email merchant.acquiring@qnb.com or the QNB Call Centre @ 44407777.


Our 24/7, in-house, dedicated Merchant Call Centre team is available to support you in any QNB POS terminal issues, queries, etc. Please contact us on 44407777.

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