QNB Wealth Management Solutions

A Customized Solution for Investment

Our experience has taught us that when it comes to investment, the best chances of portfolio success, come from using a full time professional Manager  working on diversifying across investments. QNB Wealth Solutions provides our valued customers customized investment solutions to suit your financial goals and risk appetite

Our award winning Asset & Wealth Management Department operates under the following guiding principles,

  • Empirical – We like to base investment decisions on facts not speculations.
  • Pragmatic – We follow numbers more than fads with a monthly routine which involves ongoing strategy formulation, due diligence and re-rating of our investment selections according to a strict criteria set and database.
  • Transparent – We believe in simple liquid investable securities. Complexity is often used to hide hidden risks and mask the real source of investment returns.
  • Agnostic – We are investors not traders and with do not adhere ex ante to any specific style.
  • Realistic – We don’t think that having a contrarian view adds value to client portfolios. Our portfolios don’t go against the grain.

QNB Asset & Wealth Management has worked to develop a leading platform of investment instruments covering equity, fixed income, structured products, real estate and commodity investments that, depending on a client’s risk profile, can be combined into a portfolio to create a value adding investment solution.

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