Islamic Finance

Qard Hassan (Current Account):  QNB Customers can have Sharia compliant current accounts in numerous currencies, along with debit cards and cheque books provided for these accounts.

Diminishing Musharaka & Ijara - Corporates :  Our “Diminishing Musharaka & Ijara” product is offered to finance the purchase or refinance of residential assets through the principles of co-ownership “Diminishing Musharaka” and leasing “Ijara”

Commodity Murabaha Financing – Corporates : Through the Sharia approved Commodity Murabaha structure, we offer financing facilities to our corporate clients to assist them with their general corporate financing requirements, as well as for the acquisition or development of real estate assets and other projects.

Commodity Murabaha Deposits - Corporates & Fis: Our Corporate, bank and  non-bank financial institution customers can place fixed term deposits with QNB London under the Commodity Murabaha structure, approved by our Sharia Supervisory Board

Wakala Fixed Term Deposits - Corporates & Individuals:The Wakala Fixed Term Deposit product enables corporate, private and financial institution (bank and non-bank) QNB customers to place fixed term deposits with QNB London under Sharia principles through Wakala.

Our Islamic products and offering are approved by our Sharia Supervisory Board (SSB). The QNB London Islamic Window is regularly audited by the SSB, ensuring Sharia compliance and segregation of assets.

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